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We have daily Phuket private charter and Custom fishing tours.

Big Game 1 full day fishing tour offers you the chance Trolling and Bottom fishing near one of Thailand’s stunning Islands – Racha Yai Island which is not located far from Phuket. This game can only be booked as Private Charter.

Big Game 2 full day fishing tour offers not only Trolling and Bottom fishing near the stunning Racha Yai Island but also includes a trip to Racha Noi Island which is located even further away from Phuket, increasing the chances of catching some incredible fish! This game can only be booked as Private Charter.

Custom Game full day fishing tour is available for those who feel are more experienced and comfortable with the Phuket waters. You can make your own fishing program! Go to “Book a Fishing Tour Now!” to inform us on your desired fishing location and we will get back to you on a price.

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There’s a reason why Phuket, Thailand, has quickly become a very popular big game fishing destination amongst fishing enthusiasts from all over the world, visiting the island. In Phuket, you can catch a range of incredible fish such as marlin, different types of tuna, wahoo, sailfish and much more! Due to its location in Andaman sea, Phuket is a very good place for fishing.

In Phuket and around Thailand, you’re allowed to fish using rods without permits. However, certain areas may not allow rod fishing, (areas that aim to preserve endangered fish and coral reefs) and have regulations. For other types of fishing, we recommend you book a full day fishing tour in Phuket with trolling and deep sea fishing to fully experience true fishing in the Andaman sea.

Depending where in Thailand, you’ll have a different chance of catching different types of fish. However, in Phuket, Thailand, most commonly caught fish are tuna, mackerel, sailfish, wahoo and marlin.

Private charter fishing tours around Phuket can be as cheap as 10,000 THB as well as up to 20,000 THB. It all depends on the tour operator, boat type, how many people are joining the tour. At Sommai Fishing Tour, our aim is provide good private fishing tours at affordable prices. Our private charter fishing tours start at 13,000 THB. Book easily here.

Some of the best places for sea fishing in Thailand, is Phuket. Located in the south of Thailand, this Island is conveniently located in the Andaman sea, where all types of fish can be found such as marlin, sailfish, mackerel, tuna and lots more. Hop on a boat to experience what sea fishing is all about in Phuket, Thailand. Book your adventure now.

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