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Choose what fishing trip suits you the best! We have daily Phuket private charter and Join-In fishing tours.

Big Game 1 fishing tour offers you the chance Trolling and Bottom fishing near one of Thailand’s stunning Islands – Racha Yai Island which is not located far from Phuket. This game can be booked as both Private Charter and Join-In.

Big Game 2 fishing tour offers not only Trolling and Bottom fishing near the stunning Racha Yai Island but also includes a trip to Racha Noi Island which is located even further away from Phuket, increasing the chances of catching some incredible fishes! This game can only be booked as Private Charter.

Custom Game fishing tour is available for those who feel more experienced and comfortable with the Phuket waters. You make your own fishing program! Go to “Book a Fishing Tour Now!” to inform us on your desired fishing location and we will get back to you on a price.

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