Phuket Boat Trips, Thailand

Private charter boat tours and custom bespoke boat tours, which can be booked any day of the week.

Phuket Boat Rental and Phuket Boat Charter Tours - Coral Island, Phi Phi Island, Racha Islands.

Renting or charter a boat for small to medium parties/celebrations is both easy to do and very affordable in Phuket. Whether it's for a a birthday celebration, wedding party or any occasion for that matter (it's vacation time so why not?), we at Sommai Fishing Tours are more than happy to accommodate. Select a boat tour that comes pre-planned with an itinerary or simply contact us for a more specific route or custom boat tour.

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Promthep Cape Sunset
Coral Island
Racha Yai Island

Boat Charters and Boat Rentals Phuket - Phi Phi Island
Phi Phi Island
Boat Charters and Boat Rentals Phuket - Prompthep Cape Sunset
Prompthep Cape Sunset
Black Marlin
Coral Island/Ko He
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Phuket Boats for Charter

Phuket has been the top destination for travellers, throughout the years. Since many tourist hotspots like Krabi, Phuket, Racha Islands, Coral Island are located by the sea, the ultimate way to experience Thailand is by boat.

After having experienced the buzzing and busy Bangkok, jumping on a boat and travel to one of the many islands nearby Phuket to escape reality is the best thing to do to experince crystal clear water, rich marine life, amazing Thai food or world-class beaches.

At Sommai Fishing Tour, we offer boat charters for the whole family or a group friends. Travel by boat to Phuket's amazing Islands to complete your holiday stay. Book charter boats advance for small quiet gatherings or larger parties and celebrations and experince Phuket and the incredible southern parts of Thailand.